Kaitlyn Thoma

Account Manager

Kaitlyn Thoma is a dynamic force in the field of marketing, bringing her expertise in advertising, brand management, and digital marketing strategies to Shatterproof. After completing her studies in advertising and business at the University of South Carolina, Kaitlyn delved into brand management and PR, honing her skills in graphic design, social media, and event planning. Her career further evolved in the realm of digital advertising, where she specialized in search engine marketing and optimization, catering to businesses across various industries. Her drive stems from a passion for not just meeting client needs, but for crafting strategies and products that elevate their brand to new heights.


Being Close to Water & Gardening


Easthampton, Massachusetts

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Years old when I learned how to ice skate

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Times I’ve changed my hair color (and counting)

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Top 1% of Grateful Dead listeners on Spotify

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