Xebec Realty

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Creative / Digital / PR / Development copy


Capitalizing on the consumer shift to e-commerce.

Xebec is a privately-held real estate firm focused exclusively on providing industrial real estate investment opportunities.
Through the acquisition, development and management of bulk logistics, infill/last-mile and light industrial properties; Xebec is helping institutional and private wealth investors capitalize on the consumer shift to e-commerce.
The Xebec team holds more than a century of experience in real estate acquisition, development, equity capital markets, debt financing and asset management.


Xebec came to us ready to market their groundbreaking real-estate investment solutions through public relations and digital campaigns. Their unique business model presented a marketing challenge in that it was something new to the industry. The Xebec team needed to update their brand in order to establish themselves as a “big fish” in a sea full of competition.


Our strategy was to first develop a brand that would help Xebec to stand out and build credibility. We designed a website, presentation collateral, trade show materials and more that reflect the innovative nature of their business model and highlights their longstanding experience. Our PR team focused on media relations to elevate Xebecs share of voice as a thought leader in the commercial real estate and investment conversation, both on a regional and national level.


Xebec has gained attention from clients and competition alike. Qualified leads are coming in via web forms and marketing events. Shatterproof’s PR efforts have secured coverage in top national newspapers including mentions or features in the New York Times, Miami Herald, Dallas Business Journal and Orange County Business Journal. Xebec is now working with Shatterproof to streamline their lead scoring process through integration with Salesforce and the development of a user portal for investors.

From Xebec

Xebec wanted a fresh approach to re-launch our brand. Shatterproof has been a great partner in doing just that. Their data driven approach allows us to test and measure everything we do - from website performance to PR campaigns.
Henry Pfirrmann , Vice President - Private Capital
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