The challenge:
Set up a regional boat maker to enter new markets

Duffy Boats has manufactured and sold the country’s premier electric boats for more than 50 years, and in its home state of California the company is practically a household name. But the company knew that if it wanted to grow, it needed to be seen as more than just a west coast brand. It needed to expand to new markets. Duffy Boats engaged Shatterproof to help it do just that.

Duffy’s previous website was functional but not attractive and didn’t communicate the innovative thinking and luxury touches that come with each Duffy boat. Duffy’s leaders knew that had to change. To grow beyond its California roots, Duffy needed a new web site that looked modern and communicated quickly to the visitor what the experience of being on a Duffy is like.

The solution:
Communicating luxury and value

Shatterproof began our engagement with Duffy by speaking to the company founders to learn more about where the company came from and, more importantly, where the company was going.What the company leaders told us formed the foundation of the new site and the new message that we wanted to communicate: Luxury. Lifestyle. Legacy.

Duffy’s buyers, no matter where they call home, fit into a very specific demographic. They have a very specific style of boating that they enjoy. We needed to remind those buyers that already are familiar with Duffy, that this is a boat that fits that lifestyle. For the buyer unfamiliar with Duffy, we needed to show them that lifestyle through great photography and impactful content and create in them a desire to learn more.

In the end, what Duffy got was more than just an updated website. The company got a whole new brand. Duffy was no longer a regional maker of electric boats. It was now a brand that fit into its clients high-end lifestyles. It’s the provider of a luxury boating experience, and that’s an image and a brand that has the ability to expand nationally.

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