The challenge:
Conveying a high-tech solution.

Blueprint Networx came to Shatterproof as a start-up medical software company. Their niche brand would serve doctors, hospitals and other medical professionals with business-enhancing software solutions. Developing a message and brand that could best represent the intricate subject matter of Blueprint’s product required close communication with the client and thorough research in order to gain a detailed understanding of their offering.

Blueprint Networx also had a specific request for their logo identity – they wanted to incorporate visual elements from their actual software product while representing their name.

The solution:
Deep research - impactful results.

Shatterproof worked hard to gain a well-rounded analysis of where Blueprint Networx would need to position themselves when entering the market. A detailed competitive analysis, product research and stakeholder interviews gave us the insight we needed to deliver a solid strategy for the medical software brand. We knew that the best approach to messaging would be a clear, concise explanation of the software in laymen’s terms. We also defined the unique, two-fold value of the software both financially and operationally.

For the logo, we worked with our client to capture his vision perfectly. We pulled design elements from the software program that represented the form and functionality of the product – to connect medical professionals to the people and information they need. After working with Shatterproof, Blueprint Networx was able to launch their brand with confidence, ready to take on sales opportunities with a clear and impactful identity.


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