Performance-based web design.

It all comes down to performance. We believe that traditional web design is broken. Large time commitments, upfront cost and no guarantees on exactly how the website will impact business leaves clients feeling uneasy – and puts them at risk.

We approach web design in a whole new way. Shatterproof uses the Growth Driven Design methodology to bring faster, measurable, more affordable results to our clients. Our process guarantees ROI and provides real-time analytics. This new technique is changing the game in web experiences, and we are one of only a few certified agencies in the south utilizing Growth Driven Design. Below we break down the magic.

" We approached Shatterproof in January of 2017 looking to totally update our website and brand. We had recently experienced a massive growth and needed a website that would manage that growth. Shatterproof did not disappoint. They were able to build us a website that was not only creative, but also functioned the way we needed. Working with Shatterproof was a full service customer experience that you do not find in other creative web design agencies. The precision of their work and timely responsiveness allowed us to manage our growth. They are definitely the leader in the creative web design market. We look forward to working with Shatterproof for years to come."

- Austin Campbell, Bearfoot

Strategy First

Growth Driven Design starts with the most important phase, strategy. We work to uncover who your buyers are and how they engage with your site through analytical tools and research. After we know your buyer’s current state, we are able to map the steps needed to best communicate to them where they are.


Next we have a planning session to discuss your current challenges and business goals, and how your site will impact those goals. We then create a wish list of features, tools, interactive elements and more that will drive value for your buyers. By assessing your current status and where you want to go, we are able to create a global strategy to best take you there.

Launch Pad

Once we have developed our strategy, we quickly move in to the design, messaging, and development phase. Within 30-60 days, we create a launch pad website. It’s built with the core value-driving elements, and it’s better than what you have now. However, it doesn’t include everything on your wish list.


Why put something out there that doesn’t include everything on your wish list? Because shortening the time to launch helps to avoid the risks of traditional web design and focus on continuous learning and improvement. Instead of hoping our designs and content will generate results, we launch the core elements needed to begin gathering data on your buyers and how they want to interact with your website.

Continuous Improvement

In the continuous improvement phase we use five-second tests, heat mapping, video recording and analytics to collect data. We monitor key factors such as audience, value, usability, conversion rate optimization and more. This data informs our decisions to improve the launch pad for optimal results.


Continuous improvement cycles also enable us to implement new high-impact features. These features include innovative design, intriguing content, unique development and inbound marketing elements. As the hub of all of your marketing efforts, your website becomes a living, breathing online presence that evolves with your customers.

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