What’s your story, and why should they care?

A good public relations firm knows how to define and communicate the positive truths of your brand. At Shatterproof we tell your story to journalists and media outlets in a way that will show them the value in your message. We leverage our relationships in B2B tech, commercial real estate, luxury retail and more to earn media exposure in the fast-changing digital landscape. From Tier 1 coverage to Crisis Management, we handle the full spectrum of public relations services.

Solid Foundation

We start by helping organize and clarify your positioning strategy. A solid foundation will provide context for all of your public relations efforts, creating a cohesive message that builds trust with the media and your clients.


Our Executive & Management Coaching helps your leaders engage audiences and communicate key points that enhance your message. We create press releases, thought leadership content and informative blog posts that generate trade coverage and help gain Tier 1 Media exposure.

Prepared for Anything

We know the importance of thorough, immediate response in a world that is constantly communicating. When situations arise that are not ideal, our team acts to minimize damage through quick, accurate and consistent response. We work to tell your side of the story in a positive light and fill any informational vacuum that could otherwise be filled by negativity. From spokesperson training to Social Media clean up, we’ve got the coverage you need to handle any PR crisis.


Shatterproof also provides Crisis & Risk Management consulting that includes a Crisis Management Plan, messaging templates, and other key items that will promote quick response. Our Risk Management Consulting helps your team avoid PR Crisis’ altogether by training your team on how to respond in the event of an emergency.

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