Don’t chase your customers. Let your customers come to you.

Gone are the days of impersonal cold calls, sales-ey marketing emails and expensive online ads. With Inbound Marketing you attract buyers with quality content that speaks to what they’re already searching for. Buyers aren’t turned-off by pushy sales tactics because they’re able to learn about who your company is and what you offer on their own terms, and without the pressure. They find you because the content you are publishing naturally aligns with their interests. Read below to find out more.

"I love working with Shatterproof. They can move from business to technology and back with ease, communicating how their work can improve the bottom line. They’re creative, fun, and thoughtful with just the right amount of edge."

-Sam Gillespie, Global Real Estate Firm

Inbound Methodology

Attract. Convert. Close. Delight. These are the steps your buyers take with Inbound Marketing. They’ll start as strangers and discover your company through content such as a social media post or blog article. When they like what they see they’ll begin to develop a relationship with your brand and become recurring visitors to your site.


After users begin to value your content and trust your brand you can convert these visitors to leads through tools like forms, Calls-to-Action, and landing pages. Now that you have well-qualified leads (people who want to hear what you have to say), you can nurture these leads until they become customers. When you have happy customers you can learn from their experiences and refine your offerings. You’ll also gain promoters and influencers – people that are so happy with what you’ve done they are telling your story for you.

Certified by the Experts

Over the past 12 years, a company called HubSpot has refined and enhanced the Inbound Marketing method with tools and training for marketing & sales professionals. They have become the experts on all things related to Inbound Marketing. Our team at Shatterproof creates effective inbound campaigns through the HubSpot platform for B2B tech companies, luxury consumer brands, commercial real estate clients and more.


After starting with a solid strategy, we work with our clients to support their HubSpot needs at any level. From setting up automated interactions that will speak to your leads through different stages of the sales cycle (workflows), to creating unique content for blog articles, we’re certified to maximize your HubSpot investment.

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