Timing is everything

Content is the engine that drives marketing. The right content reaching the right person at the right time can turn someone from a prospect to a client. It can fill your funnel and populate your pipeline. But knowing who those right people are and how to reach them has to be more than just a guessing game. That’s why we create marketing content based on insights into who your buyer is, what motivates them to find you, and how they like to consume your message.

"Working with Shatterproof for the past 2 years has been wonderful. They have not only brought new ideas and strategy to our business, but provided deep insights into our customers decision processes."

- Trevor Stitt, Blueprint Networx

Data-Based Content Strategy

Content shouldn’t be a volume game, creating blogs posts and white papers and infographics in hopes that they’ll find an audience. That’s little more than throwing something against a wall and hoping it sticks. Content should be created specifically—a specific message targeted to a specific audience and delivered in a specific format.


For one buyer that may be a technical white paper. For another it might be something fun and interactive. Unless you are consistently talking to buyers and analyzing how your current content is working, you don’t know how to reach the people you need to fill your funnel. Shatterproof uses data and analytics to continuously improve your message.

Strategy-Based Content Promotion

Gone are the days when content could organically find an audience, when a clever headline full of the right keywords would manage its way to the first page of search results. Too many companies are creating too much content. The internet is saturated with the stuff. To get your content found today, paid and organic social promotion are critical pieces to a content strategy. So, in addition to content that’s targeted to specific buyers and where they are in the buyer’s journey, we develop strategies that get that content in front of your buyers.

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