It starts with an unforgettable identity.

Your brand is more than just an image, a tagline or a logo. A true and lasting brand connects with customers on a deeper level. We use proven methods to uncover who your brand is and the best way to tell your story, evoke emotions, and create loyal customers that will then share your story. Read more about our process below.

"As the co-founder and president of a group of small consumer products import companies, I’ve worked with members of the Shatterproof team for the past 4 years. We rely on them not only for their talents but also for their skill in advising us on how to maximize the value of the money we spend on web, brochures, and all areas of graphics, print, and in the virtual world."

-Steve Rosenthal, American Dining & Seating


We start by finding the voice of your brand. If your company were to take on a persona, what would it be? The Hero? The Royal? The Rebel? We use a combination of competitive analysis, buyer persona development and internal SME interviews to discover your brand’s archetype. Diving deep into who you are and where you want to be as a company gives us the right foundation to develop your brand message.


The visual component of your brand is equally as powerful as it’s voice. Through a marketplace brand audit and visual workshop we begin to uncover the best look and feel for your identity.


During the visual workshop we work with your team to gain insight into how your brand can be best represented through shapes, colors and fonts. We then present different identity options and work with you to refine your new mark. After we have created a clear visual representation of your brand, we create a style guide and other key elements needed to share with your organization so that you have a consistent look and feel for all of your visual needs.

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