Hanna Brophy

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Creative / Digital / Development


Highlighting history

Hanna Brophy is California’s original workers compensation defense law firm. With multiple offices in 13 cities across the state, HB is a giant throughout their field.
Unfortunately, their online presence and website did not show their history and expertise. The time had come for Hanna Brophy to evolve and tell the world why they were the leader
in workers comp defense. Through this new journey Hanna Brophy presence is now unmatched from web to social.


With over 75 years of history under their belt Hanna Brophy has been seen as the leader in their field across California. However, technology has changed the game and has taken light from HB and put that on their competitors. The challenge wasn’t simple, we needed to remind the state that HB is king of workers comp defense. The goal was to bring the brand to life online through a new website and a thought leadership platform that would showcase their talented team of experts. It was time to flex their muscles.


Shatterproof’s solution was to create a new cutting edge online presence through a website that would show the size and experience of HB. We created specific pages for every single team member, showcased their specialty, awards, and alma mater. In addition, each month we bring to the center stage 4 key members that we call the “Hanna Bropyh Highlights”. Followed by a new updated brand and website, we have been creating a social platform that speaks to the history of the company over the past 75 years.


The results have been and continue to be outstanding. With the DDD process leading the way, each month site visibly has been on average increase of 300%, clients are now reaching directly to their legal team through the HB profiles. With new data pouring in each month, Hanna Brophy now has the visibility to see their reach across the state and has now returned back to the top of mind throughout the land.

From Hanna Brophy

Shatterproof helped shine a brilliant digital light on our law firm and showcased our leadership in the industry vividly. Growth driven design was a foreign concept to many of us, but after seeing it in action through Shatterproof’s designs, we couldn’t imagine our website without it now. Melissa Delaney , Director of Marketing
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