The challenge:
Fire drills and functionality.

KOA Partners had an immediate need – hackers were continually taking down their site. Not only that, but each time they were able to get their site back online, elements that had previously been working were broken. KOA also expressed the need to make occasional changes and additions to their site themselves. Because their site was hard-coded and there was no content management system (CMS), KOA had to engage their development company each time they wanted to make a change. The final challenge came to light after discussing strategy with the KOA team. They didn’t see the SEO and lead gen opportunities that they were missing out by not having a responsive design, blog or detailed properties pages.

The solution:
Solid security and strategy.

Shatterproof’s development team quickly jumped in and migrated their site to a secure server within 24 hours, preventing future security issues and fixing the broken code. When we migrated the site, we moved it to a custom CMS built on WordPress. This allowed the team to manage elements of the site themselves, cutting costs and saving time.

Because of our experience in Commercial Real Estate and inbound strategy, Shatterproof was able to recommend new elements that enhanced the SEO value and user experience for their visitors. We designed individual detailed properties pages that the KOA staff can manage themselves creating lead gen and keyword opportunities. We also added a responsive design to the site, so that visitors have the ability to view the site on mobile and tablet devices. Finally, by creating a blog feature for KOA’s website, we gave KOA the foundation for content creation that will help elevate their brand through thought leadership and drive leads with enhanced SEO.

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