The challenge:
Custom website solutions on a tight timeline.

Bearfoot is an established pool management company that offers lifeguard training & staffing, swimming lessons, pool management and much more. They came to us needing a website that would clearly communicate their core messaging to each of their unique buyers on the front end, while offering a custom application processing and database solution on the back-end.

The design challenge lied in Bearfoot’s very different customer base: lifeguard applicants & staff, parents registering their children for activities, and HOA managers looking to hire management teams. On the back-end, the high volume of information and complicated functionality required detailed process mapping and system infrastructure. Additionally, the team approached us in January and needed their new site up in time for their busiest seasons of the year – spring & summer.

The solution:
Detailed strategy for business results

With a Growth Driven Design solution in mind, our team dove right in to the strategy for Bearfoot’s new site. We combined clean design and imagery that would clearly communicate Bearfoot’s core values with a seamless user interface catered to each of the unique customer types. This way the users would be quickly guided to the information they were looking for.

On the back-end, we quickly put together a process map for the functionality of all of the different forms users would need – employment applications, class registration, and more. We even built an employee-only login solution that allowed lifeguard staff to record daily required data & tasks. This back-end solution provides real-time reporting and reduces the amount of staff needed. The responsive design allows for employees to login from a tablet or phone while on the job.

After the launch of their new site, Bearfoot reported double the number of swimming lesson registrants compared to previous seasons. They also received an almost 50% increase in the number of lifeguard applicants. Bearfoot credits these stats to a better UI for all customer types. The new responsive back-end solution has proven to be such a successful tool that a need arose for additional automated processes. In the spirit of GDD, we jumped in and created a custom automated email solution to increase efficiency and reduce staffing needs once again.


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